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1 June 2020
USD 0.10 / EBO
(+ 31 Days)
02 Jul 2020 (Today)
USD 0.1085 / EBO
31 May 2021
USD 0.20 / EBO
31 May 2022
USD 0.40 / EBO
Name Market Cap Price Circulating Supply Daily Change Chart Trade
USD 110,441.45 USD 0.1085 1,017,893.54 EBO +0.254% Buy Sell
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Guaranteed 2x Growth Per Annum

Easybook guarantees the price of EBO will be within the targeted level throughout the first two (2) years, hence, regardless of price variation, the price will always be gradually increased to 2x in the first year and 4x in the second year before Flexible Trading Period.

No doubt, customers who purchased EBO during the Control Trading Period or as earlier as possible will receive better advantages in terms of a better price rate, compare to those who purchase later.

Invest USD 1000 on 1st June 2020, the investment will turn USD 2000 by 31st May 2021, and USD 4000 by 31st May 2022.
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Easybook Coin Whitepaper

Easybook Coin (EBO) is a solution for a better experience in cross-countries ticketing purchase and it is created by Easybook (B) Sdn Bhd, a Brunei subsidiary of Easybook.com Pte Ltd.

For the past 15 years, Easybook.com has been expanding from a single bus ticket product to other various travel products and successfully establishes its reputation in ASEAN. We noticed purchase of tickets was slowed down by the issue of multi-currency payment. Thus, we launch EBO to solve these problems.

Easybook.com’s proprietary blockchain technology makes sure all the transactions of tickets purchase in Easybook.com that paid by EBO will be completed instantly. Any fraud can be recovered and rectified by Easybook central audit.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of purchasing tickets and further enjoy a guaranteed value gain of the EBO coin. Easybook.com has more than 3 million members and are generating an annual revenue of close to USD100,000,000. The massive members and vast demand will boost the value of EBO.

The EBO is governed and in compliant with the laws of Brunei.

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